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30th Oct 2020, 21:00Venue: Werkgebouw Het VeemVan Diemenstraat 412, 1013 CR Amsterdam
Programme: TOETSENPARADE 2020: Bach, Bier en Beethoven

De Toetsenparade  begint met “Bach, Bier en Beethoven”, uitgevoerd door de jonge Nikolai Martynov en Keiko Shichijo, die net een schitterende cd met Beethovens muziek heeft uitgebracht. Daarnaast is er bijpassend (ná 20.00 alcoholvrij) bier te drinken want het is toch vrijdagavond.


Prelude & Fugue in E majeur BWV 854

Partita in a minor for flute solo BWV 1013 (gearrangeerd voor klavecimbel door D. I. Saveliev):

Allemande - Corrente -  Sarabande - Bourrée Anglaise - Gigue

Toccata in e minor BWV 914:

Geen tempo-indicatie - Un poco Allegro - Adagio - Fuga a 3 voci. Allegro



Bagatelle  Op.33-1 in Es-dur
Andante grazioso, quasi allegretto

Klaviersonate Nr.23 Op.57 in f-moll
I Allegro assai - II Andante con moto - III Allegro ma non troppo - Presto



Nikolai Martynov

Nikolai Martynov (born 1996, Moscow) is a fortepianist, pianist, harpsichordist and organist, who’s repertoire is diverse and includes works from Renaissance to contemporary academic music. Nikolai has a lot of concert experience playing chamber and orchestral music. He is also a member of “hammertime duo” [keyboard duo]where, together with Olga Matieva, he explores music written for a keyboard duo during all the time of existing of the fortepiano and the piano. Among the halls where he played are the main concert halls of Moscow and Saint Petersburg and venues of Bialystok, Ülzen, Utrecht and Amsterdam.


After graduating in 2019 from the Faculty of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (where he studied the piano with Jacov Katsnelson, the harpsichord with Olga Martynova and the fortepiano with Alexey Lubimov since 2014) Nikolai entered the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to continue studying fortepiano with Olga Pashchenko.

Keiko Shichijo. Photo by Philip van Ootegem

Pianist & fortepianist Keiko Shichijo is a special voice in both the Classical and new music worlds. Her traditional Japanese sensibilities combined with her knowledge of European historical performance practices shape her unique vision, and this is reflected in her feeling for the music, the instruments and the story behind them.

Hailing from Japan and residing in the Netherlands for more than a decade, she is active around the world playing both solo and chamber music. She is a prizewinner in many international competitions, including twice the International Early Music Competition (solo and duo) in Brugge, Belgium, the International Early Music Competition "A Tre" in Trossingen in Germany and the Minkoff Prize from the music publisher, Edition Minkoff, and has performed in many international festivals such as the festivals Printemps Des Arts (France), Utrecht Oude Muziek Festival (Holland), MA Festival (Belgium), La Folle Journée Tokyo (Japan).

Rently she premiered a concerto with the Janacek Philharmonic. Since September 2017 she teaches piano and fortepiano at the Fontys Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg. Keiko Shichijo studied fortepiano with Stanley Hoogland and organ with Pieter van Dijk at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and specialized contemporary music with Daan Vandewalle in Royal Conservatory of Ghent in Belgium.

Keiko Shichijo has a violin/fortepiano duo with renowned violinist Cecilia Bernardini which performs regularly throughout Europe. As a specialist in contemporary music Keiko has worked with many composers, including Helmut Lachenmann, Tom Johnson, Johannes Kalitzke, Jürg Frey, Roscoe Mitchell en Bernhard Lang.