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20th Oct 2019, 20:15Venue: Werkgebouw Het VeemVan Diemenstraat 412, 1013 CR Amsterdam
Programme: Spanish Impressions and Landscapes

Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco

October 20th at 20.15


Impressions and landscapes refers to the poet Federico García Lorca’s first work (1918), in which he describes his first visions about the popular universe, the tiny and the simple and his Andalusian homeland. Our concept takes its name as a metaphor; impressions from 1900, coming from outside Spain, painting the country as an exotic landscape. The grace, the dance, the jondo and the folk (popular) become a feast. They are shown with impressionistic and rigorous touches creating a full of light, mysterious and exotic painting.
An ode to the Hispanic roots seen from the poetic and subtle prism of the French and Russian character. A poetic singing to the popular and to the origin.
Capriccio Espagnol || Rimsky Korsakov
Lindaraja|| Debussy
Spanish Dance (Swan Lake)|| Tchaikovsky-Debussy


Rhapsodie Espagnole || Ravel
España || Chabrier


Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco are both Spanish pianists based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their collaboration as a piano duo was born from a friendship, a deep connection to their roots and love and respect to classical music. Coming from different schools and backgrounds they met at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the leading of David Kuyken. María Cano recently completed her Master’s thesis titled “A deep look into the characteristics of the Spanish folklore in the classical Spanish repertoire” which closely relates to their Spanish Landscapes and Impressions program.
Prize winners at national and international competitions, they have performed in several countries including Hungary, Germany, France, Spain and The Netherlands. As a duo, recent performances include the Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, the Concertgebouw-Spiegelzaal in Amsterdam, the Geelvinck Muziek Museum in Zutphen as well as live broadcasts by NPO Radio 4.
Both pianists have received endorsements from Marta Gulyas, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Evgeni Koroliov, Alexander Kandelaki and Nino Kereselidze. Currently, Marta Liébana is a teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the De Nederlandse Opera Academy.