ToetsdesTijdsAntonioBöhmPianoBrief description of the pianos in the workshop.

1. The Viennese Grand Piano Copy based on the original constructed by Böhm in Vienna between 1816 and 1825.
From 1995 till 2000 an original Viennese Grand Piano was thoroughly restored in the TDT workshop, which provided the opportunity for the measuring, drawing, planning and construction of the copy.
Antonio Romeu, cabinet maker in the Veem building, manufactured the wooden construction and casing while Jan van der Sangen took care of all the acoustical parts, i.e. keyboard, hammer-and damping mechanisms, pedals, soundboard and stringing.
The Böhm copy was completed in 2000.

2. The cross-stringed Ibach (Worms, 1905) was purchased and restored in 2004. It has a special soundboard design, a so called ‘double resonance’ segment, fixed under the main soundboard which enriches both volume and sound qualities quiet remarkably. This type of Ibach was only produced in a small limited edition.

3. The Broadwood Cottage Grand from 1873 – one of the very first restorations of TDT – was built by Broadwood especially for tropical usage. The whole casing was made of massive (not veneered), mahogany and all wooden parts that were at risk of being loosened by the effects of tropical moisture were fixed down, extra tight, with brass screws.

4. The Broadwood Grand – rosewood veneered – from 1848 still has  the original English keyboard device (typical: hammerjacks in the keys).
This instrument – unfortunately out of use for some years because of a pinblock defect – is historically interesting as it is the same model that Chopin chose to use  at concerts in England towards the end of his career. It is registered only a few serial numbers lower in the manufactured series, so one can at least assume that our Grand was very close in design to the instrument that the family Broadwood offered Chopin to play at the last concert of his life given at Guildhall, London, in 1848.