March 2014

PIANO + BALLET: a choreography of BEPPIE BLANKERT based on the ‘ Trois Gnossiennes’  by Eric Satie. Performed by masterstudents of the department of Modern   Theatre Dance of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Pianist ANNE VEINBERG, who played the Satie, joined by DAAN KORTEKAAS, completed the program with an exciting performance of Strawinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’  in the version for two piano’s.

November 2014

IVO JANSSEN, pianist, played Bach’s  ‘Goldberg Variations’  on the Ibach grand piano (1905) from the Toets DesTijds collection, alternating with the ‘24 Short Films about Glenn Gould’ . A very special collaboration of two masters of the piano to render the famous variations of the great master of the piano: BACH.

February 2014

SHUANN CHAI played Beethoven’s last three piano sonatas on the Broadwood grand piano (1873) from the Toets DesTijds collection. In the year she would play all of     Beethoven’s sonatas she choose this instrument for the apogee of Beethoven’s composing for the piano. 

2014 – 2015

SEIZOEN 2014 – 2015

  • 26 OCTOBER
    Abbie de Quant, flute
    Elizabeth van Malde, piano
    Compositions from Gubaidulina, Messiaen, Esscher, Ford, Dutilleux en Mouquet
  • 23 NOVEMBER | Piano + poetry
    Marcel Worms, piano
    Fleur Bourgogne, performing her own poems.
    Works from blues  blues composers originating from Egypt,  Netherlands USA, Kuwait and other countries.
  • 21 DECEMBER | Piano + visual arts
    Anne Veinberg, piano
    Mor Levin, clarinet
    Works from four Jewish composers who escaped during  World War 2  their country: Weinberg, Ben Haim, Castelnuovo-Tedesco en Schoenberg
  • 25 JANUARI
    Keiko Shichijo, fortepiano
    Gideon Den Herder, cello
    Compositions from Beethoven and Mendelssohn
    Chie Hirai, fortepiano
    Compositions  from Mendelssohn, Schubert en Bach
    Gustavo Corrales, piano
    Mariana Hutchinson, violin
    Tatiana Koleva, marimba & percussion
    David Kweksilber, bassclarinet
    Max Polak, tapdance
    Keyla Orozco, director & composer
    Arrangements of Cuban piano music & ‘ Traveling Shoe Stories’  from  Keyla Orozco (met tapdance)
  • 26 APRIL | LP-Duo
    Sonja Loncar, piano
    Andrija Pavlovic, piano
    Compositions from Strawinsky, Ravel  and the première of  Dethlefsen’s  work:  ‘The Seasons’  (for two pianos).
  • 24 MEI | Composers Festival
    Compositions and performances by students from the Conservatory Amsterdam.


October 2013

HELEEN HULST,violin and GERARD BOUWHUIS,piano: this excellent duo gave a masterly performance of works by Strawinsky, Antheil and Ives. With a Guest Appearance of REINBERT DE LEEUW. A big honor to all of us!

2013 – 2014

September 2012

STANLEY HOOGLAND, the doyen of the ‘Amsterdam school of the fortepiano’ gave an impressive recital on the fortepiano copy ‘Jan van der Sangen after Joseph Böhm’ (built around 2000 in the Toets DesTijds studio). It was a great concert with works by Jan Vaslav Vorisek and Franz Schubert.

2012 – 2013

    Stanley Hoogland, fortepiano. Recital with works from Jan Vaslav Vorisek and Franz Schubert.
  • 28 OCTOBER:
    Jonathan Den Herder, cello – Guillermo Simon Garcia, piano – Andrey Doynikov, percussion. Compositions from Bresnick, Birtwistle, Goehr and Welcher.
  • 25 NOVEMBER:
    Petra Somlai, fortepiano – Lara Diamand, soprano. Songs written by Mozart, Haydn, Hummel, Schubert and Beethoven.
  • 27 JANUARI:
    Mikhail Zemstov, altviolin – Alfredo Oyaguez Montero, piano. A selection of works from Shostakovitsj, Dowland, Britten en Keyla Orozco.
  • 24 FEBRUARI:
    Randal Corsen, piano. Caribbean jazz: the pianist plays  – with his own comments & introductions – pieces & improvisations from himself.
  • 24 MAART:
    Stephan Heber. cello – Shuann Chai, piano. Music from : Biber, Beethoven, Händel, Mendelssohn en Hindemith.
  • 23 JUNI:
    Hrafnhildur Arnadottir, soprano – Jan-Paul Grijpink, piano – Liesbeth Vreeburg, harp – Arthur Ornée, violin. Songs for soprano and piano from composers: Hans Christian Detlefsen,Francis  Poulenc and Manuel de Falla,                                              Compositions for harp and violin by: H.C Detlefsen  and John Cage.


2011 – 2012


    Bart van Oort and Petra Somlai, fortepiano’s. 2- en 4-hands pianomusic on 1 of or 2 instruments: works from van Mozart and J.P. Duport.
  • 30 OCTOBER:
    Chie Hirai, fortepiano. ‘Music dedicated to a woman’ .Compositions from: Gelinek, Dussek, Mozart and Beethoven.. And also: Josephine Auernhammer, Mozart’s best pupil…
  • 27 NOVEMBER:
    Florian Just, bariton – JanPaul Grijpink, piano. “Monologe” from Schubert, Ives, Ravel, Ibert, Reutter en Barber.
  • 29 JANUARI:
    Osman Bayman, piano – Tülay Uyar, soprano and Süleyman Unver, ud. Music from: Tura, Sun, Rey, Ada, Saygun.
  • 26 FEBRUARI:
    Janos Paloitay, piano. Art Nouveau program : Scriabin, Janacek, Berg Debussy en Ligeti.
  • 25 MAART:
    Tomoko Mukayama, piano. Surprise concert with act.
  • 10 JUNI:
    Final concert of the ‘Composers Festival’ .pupils of Amsterdam Conservatory having their newest compositions performed.


2010 – 2011