Category: highlights

March 2015

CUBA GOES TAP: the most recent climax of our concert series. Composer KEYLA OROZCO arranged Cuban piano music from the 19th and 20th century for GUSTAVO CORRALES, piano – MARIANA HUTCHINSON , violin – TATIANA KOLEVA, percussion & marimba – DAVID KWEKSILBER, (bass)clarinet and MAX POLAK, tapdance. And for this ensemble and this occasion she wrote her new piece ‘ Travelling Shoe Stories ‘. It was an overwhelming musical show, the tapdance in particular was breathtaking, the audience euphoric, and we had a full house!

April 2014

PIANO + EVENT: a location project with stringobjects, designed and made by HANS VAN KOOLWIJK and JAN VAN DER SANGEN. The strings attached to the beams of the venue, intertwined with music composed by IGOR IOFE for GEORGINA COLLINGTON, piano – ERICA VAN DEN BERG, flute – LARA DIAMAND, soprano & five players of the strings. The trio also gave an enthusiast rendering of the worldpremière of ‘ Poemas sin nombre’ , a composition written by KEYLA OROZCO.

March 2014

PIANO + BALLET: a choreography of BEPPIE BLANKERT based on the ‘ Trois Gnossiennes’  by Eric Satie. Performed by masterstudents of the department of Modern   Theatre Dance of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Pianist ANNE VEINBERG, who played the Satie, joined by DAAN KORTEKAAS, completed the program with an exciting performance of Strawinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’  in the version for two piano’s.

November 2014

IVO JANSSEN, pianist, played Bach’s  ‘Goldberg Variations’  on the Ibach grand piano (1905) from the Toets DesTijds collection, alternating with the ‘24 Short Films about Glenn Gould’ . A very special collaboration of two masters of the piano to render the famous variations of the great master of the piano: BACH.

February 2014

SHUANN CHAI played Beethoven’s last three piano sonatas on the Broadwood grand piano (1873) from the Toets DesTijds collection. In the year she would play all of     Beethoven’s sonatas she choose this instrument for the apogee of Beethoven’s composing for the piano. 

October 2013

HELEEN HULST,violin and GERARD BOUWHUIS,piano: this excellent duo gave a masterly performance of works by Strawinsky, Antheil and Ives. With a Guest Appearance of REINBERT DE LEEUW. A big honor to all of us!

September 2012

STANLEY HOOGLAND, the doyen of the ‘Amsterdam school of the fortepiano’ gave an impressive recital on the fortepiano copy ‘Jan van der Sangen after Joseph Böhm’ (built around 2000 in the Toets DesTijds studio). It was a great concert with works by Jan Vaslav Vorisek and Franz Schubert.

april 2008

A Turkish ensemble: SÜLEYMAN UNVER and MEHMED POLAT, ud – OSMAN BAYMAN and SELIM DOGRU, piano – TÜLAY UYAR, soprano – ENGIN ATALAY, tenor.  They played both folk music and modern Turkish classical music for piano (compositions by a.o. Muammer Sun and Adnan Saygun).
It was a spectacular performance which did justice to both genres, and it truly enchanted the audience.

February 2007

The writer JAN BROKKEN and pianist RANDAL CORSEN. Brokken gave a lecture about his then recently published book  ” Why eleven Antilleans knelt before the heart of Chopin ” (2015). It outlined how Curacao piano playing had its links with elements of Chopin’s style of composing and was rooted in African rhythm. And how Curaçao composers and pianists in an unprecedented way melted forms and rhythms into a very typical new Carribean style of piano playing. LatinJazz pianist/composer Randal Corsen played a.o. pieces of his great-great-grandfather Joseph Sickman Corsen – a remarkable character in the beginnings of this musical tradition that preceded Jazz.