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First-hand music!

The Festival Composers Playing Own Music is organised by Toets des Tijds Concerten and presenting music written and performed  by composers from the Netherlands – including many world-famous Amsterdammers. This programme gives a unique overview on how composers create, feel and perform their own music.


Saturday 21 april 15.00

Diderik Wagenaar

Quang Ngo Hong

Felipe Noriega

Saturday 21 april 20.15

Картинки по запросу Trio Bruinsma

Trio Bruinsma. Baas. Verhage


Sunday 22 april 15.00

Картинки по запросу Guus Janssen en Wim Janssen

Картинки по запросу Guus Janssen en Wim JanssenGuus Janssen en Wim Janssen

Картинки по запросу Maud Sauer en Monique CopperMaud Sauer en Monique Copper

Картинки по запросу Igor Iofe and Cinzia NisticoIgor Iofe en Cinzia NisticoКартинки по запросу Igor Iofe and Cinzia Nistico


Sunday 22 april 20.15

Картинки по запросу Arnold Marinissen- slagwerk en Katharina Gross-celloПохожее изображениеКартинки по запросу Theo Loevendie, Martin van Duynhoven en Arjen Gorter

Картинки по запросу Arjen Gorter

Arnold Marinissen and Katharina Gross

Theo Loevendie, Martin van Duynhoven and Arjen Gorter

Tickets ordered online:
€ 18,50/€ 13,50 with discount (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Student card)
Passepartout 21 April two concerts or 22 April two concerts € 30,–/€ 20,– with discount
Passepartout all four concerts € 50,–/€ 35,– with discount
At thee kassa on the day of the concert: € 19,50/€ 14,50

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As has become already tradition, the final concert of the COMPOSERS’ FESTIVAL will be performed in our TOETS DES TIJDS – CONCERTSERIES 

DATE: SUNDAY 15th OF MAY, AT 15.00


TIJMEN VAN TOL: The Creative Process (6′ – for violin and piano)
BORIS BEZEMER: Chant (18′ – for three piano’s)
MARCELO CHACUR POLITANO: Open Score 1 (5′ – for six musicians)
BORIS BEZEMER: Mobile (11′ – for electronics)
SIYING LI: Parcels (5′ – for three recorders and piano)
MARCELO CHACUR POLITANO: Wind Spell (6′ – for piano)
CARMEN CLAIRE: I won’t go back (5′ – for voice and electronics)

Information about the performances previous to this final concert
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CARMEN CLAIR – I won’t go back. voice & electronics: Carmen Clair.


MARCELO CACHUR POLITANO – Wind Spell. piano: David Ko.
SIYING LI – Parcels. recorder & piano: artists not known yet.
BORIS BEZEMER – Chant. piano 1: Tijmen van Tol, piano 2: David Ko, electronics: Boris BezemeRIS BEZEMER – Mobile. live electronics: Boris Bezemer.
TIJMEN VAN TOL – The Creative Process. violin: artist not known yet, piano: Tijmen van Tol.

The concert will be quit spatial, with a performance caracter: both artists and public are required to move sometimes through the space…. All fresh & thrilling pieces of new music by young talents!


17 april 2016 JAN BROKKEN


JAN BROKKEN, writer and tonight’s speaker – GUSTAVO CORRALES ROMERO, well known pianist from CUBA.

A lecture, similar to the performance that we organised 10 years ago. Central theme: Brokken’s then recently published book Why 11 Antilleans kneeled before the heart of Chopin, which describes the rich piano tradition on the island of Curaçao and the Caribbean, linked with Chopin and the African roots of rhythm & dance.

Gustavo Corrales Romero will play classical & modern compositions of Caribbean composers, as described in this most prominent book about that topic.

concert starts: 15.00 pm. entrance fee: € 17,50 / € 12,50 (reduction: 65+, “stadspas” , student, CJP, our “kortingsbon” flyer ToetsDesTijds).


20 march 2016 MARK TOXOPEUS & wind instrument players from the Conservatorium Amsterdam

ToxopeusMARK TOXOPEUS, piano – with wind instrument players from the CONSERVATORIUM AMSTERDAM.

An  ” ALL-HINDEMITH” program: his SONATAS for: Trombone & Piano / Bassoon & Piano / Horn & Piano / Trumpet & Piano / Bastuba & Piano and the’ Kleine Kammermusik’  opus 24 no. 2 .

concert starts: 15.00 pm.  entrance fee: € 17,50 / € 12,50 (reduction: 65+, ” stadspas”, student, CJP, our “kortingsbon” flyer ToetsDesTijds).

18 march 2016 SCHOOLCONCERT

09.00 a.m. : a schoolconcert , duration 1 hour, for some schools in the neighbourhood.

Part of the program  of the 20st of March, with a.o. the Sonata for bastuba & piano   the quintet Kleine Kammermusik,  opus 24 no 2. All from composer PAUL HINDEMITH.

pianist: MARK TOXOPEUS, with students from the wind instruments department of the AMSTERDAM CONSERVATORY.

21 February 2016 JANOS PALOYTAI



Pianorecital by a young Hungarian artist who has already performed several times in our previous series.

Compositions from:   THOMAS ADÈS : 3 Mazurkas .

BÉLA BÁRTOK: Scherzo oder Fantasie BB 11 – Petite Suite Sz 105 – Suite opus 13 or : Rondos Sz 84.

ALEXANDER SCRIABIN: a selection of early Préludes – Poème Nocturne  opus 61 – selection of Mazurkas  (opus 3 and 25) – Sonata  5 .

LEOŠ JANÁCEK: ‘On an overgrown path’ (selection) – Three Burlesques opus 8c.

concert starts: 15.00 pm. entrance fee: € 17,50 / € 12,50 (reduction: 65+, ” stadspas”, student, CJP, our “kortingsbon” flyer ToetsDesTijds).

31 January 2016 Simon Wall & Gavin Roberts


English songs through the centuries: Benjamin Britten’s ’ Winter Words’  and songs by: Dowland, Purcell, Bax, Finzi ,Vaughan Williams, Ireland.

A unique performance in Amsterdam by this famous singer!  see link:  simon wall, tenor

concert starts: 15.00 pm.  entrance fee: € 17,50/ € 12,50 (reduction: 65+, “stadspas”, student, CJP, our ” kortingsbon” flyer ToetsDesTijds). 


Bernard Loonen tenor
Maarten Hillenius, piano

Programma van Engelse liederen met componisten door de eeuwen heen: Benjamin Britten’s ’ Winter Words’ . Verder liederen van : Purcell, Vaughan Williams en andere Engelse componisten.


aanvang: 15.00 uur. prijzen kaartjes: € 17,50/ € 12,50 (reductie: 65+, stadspas, student, CJP, kortingsbon flyer ToetsDesTijds).

29 November 2015 Shuann Chai & Keiko Shichijo


SHUANN CHAI & KEIKO SHICHIJO: fortepiano quatre mains.

A ”  Schubertiade ” , a.o. with  ‘Der Tod und das Mädchen’ , in a brilliant arrangement for quatre mains by  Karl Ulrich (late 19th century).

concert starts: 15.00 pm. entrance fee: € 17,50/ reduction: € 12,50. (65+, “stadspas”, student pass, CJP, our “kortingsbon” flyer ToetsDesTijds).

26 October 2015 SCHOOLCONCERT

09.00 a.m. – duration: 1 hour.

The concert of 25th of october, specially adapted for the pupils of the schools in the neighbourhood. Artists: PASCAL MEYER,piano – RACHEL XI ZHANG & LAURENT WARNIER, percussion.