2006 – 2007



23 november:

Dick Hollander, bariton – Caroline Kuijpers, piano. Recital with songs from :  Francis Poulenc,Gabriel Faure’,Henriette Bosmans, Hugo Wolf and Wolfgang Wijdeveld.

    • 17 december:
      Fernando Gillich, singer – Marjolijn van den Brandt, piano. Songs & sketches: ” Express Brasil” .
    • 28 januari:
      Frederic Voorn, piano. compositions from : Beethoven, Brahms and Debussy – Played on the  grand pianos of Toets DesTijds.
    • 25 februari:
      Jan Brokken,writer – Randal Corsen, piano. Lecture about the book “Why 11 Antilleans kneeled for the heart of Chopin” (Jan Brokken). With piano music from Curaçao , played by Randal Corsen.
    • 25 maart:
      Tadeu Duarte, piano. Compositons  van Brazilean, Russian and European masters.
    • 22 april:
      Hans Christian Detthlefsen, composer.Performances of his own works, A.o. his newest composition,, specially written for the combination of the  3 Toets DesTijds-grands.26 november:

2007- 2008


  • 25 OCTOBER:
    Jack de Bie, piano. Piano music around  1900 – Dirk Schaefer, David Monrad Johansen, Edvard Grieg, Jan Brandts Buys, Serge Rachmaninov.
  • 25 NOVEMBER:
    Chie Hirai, fortepiano.  Beethoven and Schubert played on the Viennese grand, originally buil by Joseph Boehm and copied in the Toets DesTijds workshop around 2000).
  • 27 JANUARI:
    Andrea Wittchen, mezzosoprano – Jack de Bie, piano. ” De Noord-Zuid lijn” : Songs originating in countries from North ( Norway) till South (Spain). Grieg, Kjerulf, Vea, Ravel, Turina, de Falla García Lorca.
  • 24 FEBRUARI:
    Randal Corsen, piano. Free improvisations  in LatinJazz style,on both the  Broadwoodl  Ibach grands, simultaneously!
  • 30 MAART:
    Eva Lohse, violin – Valeria Zakopay, piano. Compositions from Serge Rachmaninov en Serge Prokofjew.
  • 27 APRIL:
    Süleyman Unver, ud – Selim Dohgru, piano – Mehmed Polat, ud – Engin Atalay, zang – Tülay Uyar, zang – Osman Bayman, piano. Turkish composers, a.o.. Muammer Sun, Ahmed Saygun en Ulvi Erkin.


February 2007

The writer JAN BROKKEN and pianist RANDAL CORSEN. Brokken gave a lecture about his then recently published book  ” Why eleven Antilleans knelt before the heart of Chopin ” (2015). It outlined how Curacao piano playing had its links with elements of Chopin’s style of composing and was rooted in African rhythm. And how Curaçao composers and pianists in an unprecedented way melted forms and rhythms into a very typical new Carribean style of piano playing. LatinJazz pianist/composer Randal Corsen played a.o. pieces of his great-great-grandfather Joseph Sickman Corsen – a remarkable character in the beginnings of this musical tradition that preceded Jazz.             

2008 – 2009


  • 24 OCTOBER: Georgina Collington, piano – Lara Diamand, soprano. Songs by Rorem, Copland, Gershwin, Bernstein and Weill.
  • 30 NOVEMBER: Hans Christian Detlefsen, piano – Allan Segall, piano. Compositions by: Detlefsen, Scriabin, Messiaen, Segall, Fulkerson and Ustvolskaya.
  • 25 JANUARI: Ramon Valle, piano.His own Latinjazz compositions and improvisations.
  • 22 FEBRUARI: Frederic Voorn, piano. works by: Janacek en Prokofjew.
  • 29 MAART: Gideon Den Herder, cello –  Janos Paloitay,piano. Compositions by: Debussy, Webern, Britten, Ten Holt, and Shostakovitsj.
  • Sander Sittich, piano. Recital with music from : Mozart, van der Horst, van Baaren, Debussy and Brahms

april 2008

A Turkish ensemble: SÜLEYMAN UNVER and MEHMED POLAT, ud – OSMAN BAYMAN and SELIM DOGRU, piano – TÜLAY UYAR, soprano – ENGIN ATALAY, tenor.  They played both folk music and modern Turkish classical music for piano (compositions by a.o. Muammer Sun and Adnan Saygun).
It was a spectacular performance which did justice to both genres, and it truly enchanted the audience.

2009 – 2010

  • 26 SEPTEMBER: Bart van Oort, fortepiano. Nocturnes and walses from: Karganoff, Borodin, Tchaikowsky, Bertini, Fauré, Debussy, Chopin, von Weber en Schumann.
  • 31 OCTOBER: Eva Lohse, violin – Evelina Vorontsova, piano. Italian  compositions: Ennio Morricone, Ildebrando Pizzetti, Ottorini Respighi and Nina Rota.
  • 28 NOVEMBER: Ramón Valle, piano – Gustavo Corales, piano. Cuban masters playing  Cuban masters such as:  Saumel, Cervantes, Farinas, Lecuona, Orozco.  Ramón Valle improvises….
  • 30 januari: Tim Kuypers, bariton – David Bollen, piano. Songs from Kurt Weill, Erich Korngold and the ‘ 6 Monologen aus Jedermann’  from Frank Martin.
  • 27 FEBRUARI: Fraukje Weishaupt, clarinet – Marta Liebana Martinez, piano  & students from the Amsterdam Conservatory.
  • Compositions from:  Copland, Strawinsky, Prokovjev.
  • 27 MAART: TrioDuo: Lara Diamand, sopraan – Erica van den Berg, flute and Georgina Collington, piano.Works from: Franz Schubert, Joep Straesser, Claude Debussy,  Maud Sauer and Calliope Tsoupaki.


2010 – 2011


2011 – 2012


    Bart van Oort and Petra Somlai, fortepiano’s. 2- en 4-hands pianomusic on 1 of or 2 instruments: works from van Mozart and J.P. Duport.
  • 30 OCTOBER:
    Chie Hirai, fortepiano. ‘Music dedicated to a woman’ .Compositions from: Gelinek, Dussek, Mozart and Beethoven.. And also: Josephine Auernhammer, Mozart’s best pupil…
  • 27 NOVEMBER:
    Florian Just, bariton – JanPaul Grijpink, piano. “Monologe” from Schubert, Ives, Ravel, Ibert, Reutter en Barber.
  • 29 JANUARI:
    Osman Bayman, piano – Tülay Uyar, soprano and Süleyman Unver, ud. Music from: Tura, Sun, Rey, Ada, Saygun.
  • 26 FEBRUARI:
    Janos Paloitay, piano. Art Nouveau program : Scriabin, Janacek, Berg Debussy en Ligeti.
  • 25 MAART:
    Tomoko Mukayama, piano. Surprise concert with act.
  • 10 JUNI:
    Final concert of the ‘Composers Festival’ .pupils of Amsterdam Conservatory having their newest compositions performed.


2012 – 2013

    Stanley Hoogland, fortepiano. Recital with works from Jan Vaslav Vorisek and Franz Schubert.
  • 28 OCTOBER:
    Jonathan Den Herder, cello – Guillermo Simon Garcia, piano – Andrey Doynikov, percussion. Compositions from Bresnick, Birtwistle, Goehr and Welcher.
  • 25 NOVEMBER:
    Petra Somlai, fortepiano – Lara Diamand, soprano. Songs written by Mozart, Haydn, Hummel, Schubert and Beethoven.
  • 27 JANUARI:
    Mikhail Zemstov, altviolin – Alfredo Oyaguez Montero, piano. A selection of works from Shostakovitsj, Dowland, Britten en Keyla Orozco.
  • 24 FEBRUARI:
    Randal Corsen, piano. Caribbean jazz: the pianist plays  – with his own comments & introductions – pieces & improvisations from himself.
  • 24 MAART:
    Stephan Heber. cello – Shuann Chai, piano. Music from : Biber, Beethoven, Händel, Mendelssohn en Hindemith.
  • 23 JUNI:
    Hrafnhildur Arnadottir, soprano – Jan-Paul Grijpink, piano – Liesbeth Vreeburg, harp – Arthur Ornée, violin. Songs for soprano and piano from composers: Hans Christian Detlefsen,Francis  Poulenc and Manuel de Falla,                                              Compositions for harp and violin by: H.C Detlefsen  and John Cage.


September 2012

STANLEY HOOGLAND, the doyen of the ‘Amsterdam school of the fortepiano’ gave an impressive recital on the fortepiano copy ‘Jan van der Sangen after Joseph Böhm’ (built around 2000 in the Toets DesTijds studio). It was a great concert with works by Jan Vaslav Vorisek and Franz Schubert.