FESTIVAL: Music from the Source 2020 will take place in 2021

26 – 28 MARCH 2021
Composers Play Their Own Music

At this unique festival composers will perform their own music during the weekend of 26 – 28 March in the Warehouse Het Veem in Amsterdam. 

This year’s edition of “Music from the source” brings yet another exciting and varied program. From the chill tunes of the Micha Molthoff Trio and the pop-inspired Mirek Coutigny Trio, to the eclectic music of the Monotak composers collective and the cutting edge sounds of Ji Youn Kang with her analogue and digital electronics. Also composer and (contrabass) flute player Ned McGowan will present his groovy music together with the brilliant percussionist Pepe Garcia, the duo Perforator will play their new program. 

We are also proud to present two interactive events during this festival. A “Meet & Jam”, where there is a discussion with this year’s musicians about their creative process and the audience is invited to ask questions. This will culminate in an improvisation around or, audience willing, with the audience. In addition, this year we are hosting “Smaakt naar Muziek”: a unique music and food experience where the music reflects the food and the food represents the music. 

We hope to see you there!


Mirek Coutigny Trio / Ji Youn Kang
Smaakt naar Muziek* (snacks & music)
Micha Molthoff Trio / Monotak composers’ collective
Kate Moore
Duo Perforator / Ned McGowan & Pepe Garcia

Location: Werkgebouw Het Veem, van Diemenstraat 410 1013 CR Amsterdam




Kortingscode: VROEGEHAND

Our sponsors:

  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor afk logo 


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jonathan bonnyAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Ji Youn Kang

Photos & credits (from top to bottom):

Monotak © Paul Glazier, Jonathan Bonny © Wilco Smith, Ji Youn Kang © Stephan C. Kaffa, Smaakt naar muziek © Marco Pauws, Micha Molthoff Trio © Peter van Breugel, Kate Moore © Marco Giugliarelli, Duo Perforator © Wout Nooitgedagt, Ned McGowan © Hari Adivarekar, Pepe Garcia © Frank Graphdude


Despite these turbulent times and corona restrictions,  our annual Toetsenparade will take place on the 30th and 31st of October 30th and 1st of November.

With 4 programs over 7 concerts and 9 instruments, this year’s Toetsenparade is even grander than the years before. This despite keeping strict enhanced corona measures, with no more than 20 tickets sold per concert and audience members seated 2m apart from one another. 

TOETSENPARADE is a parade of keyboard instruments. It’s not just about the popular piano, nor just the piano and its predecessors, but a wide selection of keyboard instruments including some that seldom feature on the concert stage.

The festival starts with “Bach, Beer and Beethoven”: a classic concert with music of two of the pillars from western msusic. The concert will be performed by the young Nikolai Martynov on harpsichord and Keiko Shichijo, who just released a beautiful CD of Beethoven’s music, on the Broadwood fortepiano. And, of course, we will also offer a matching beer because it is Friday evening after all!

Saturday evening you can enjoy the beautiful playing of Menno van Delft. Featuring both his Claude Labrèche harpsichord copy by Bernd Fischer and an original clavichord by Kraemer & Söhne, the program will show the multi-facets of these special instruments with music both old and new, and perhaps a mini-surprise?

On Sunday afternoon, Celia García-García, official “celestist”, will be in the spotlight on the celesta. Normally this modest instrument is hidden in the orchestra but on this occasion it will be the star of the show. Prepare for an afternoon of upbeat, celestial and popular classical music.

As a final concert, “Keyboard Extravaganza” will take place on Sunday evening by the duo Ere Lievonen and Anne Veinberg unique who both play multipple keyboard instruments. In this colourful program, no less than 6 keyboard instruments will be on the stage. With repertoire from the romantic period to today, on both larger instruments as well as their small cousins (toypiano and melodica), this closing concert is a feast for keyboard instrument fans.

Come join us for a keyboard festival like no other, our TOETSENPARADE 2020.

Please note: All corona measures are followed and enhanced. We will place seating 2 meters apart and masks must be worn upon entering the building. You may take off your mask upon finding your seat although we encourage guests to keep them on throughout. In addition, our space is large and with extra high ceilings. We will be both ventilating the space and disinfecting the seats between concerts.

A drink is included in the price of your ticket and will be brought to you at your seat. This so as to limit contact with others and queues. We would also like to ask you to buy a ticket in advance. If you cannot come for Corona-related reasons, such as not feeling well, we will gladly exchange your ticket for a voucher for one of our next concerts.

Program of the Festival Toetsenparade 2020

Friday 19.00 and 21.00 Bach, beer en Beethoven
Nikolai Martynov (harpsichord) and Keiko Shichijo (fortepiano)

Saturday 19.00 and 21.00 The resounding clavichord and harpsichord
Menno van Delft (clavichord and harpsichord)

Sunday 15.00 Celestial Music
Celia García-García (celesta)

Sunday 19.00 and 21.00 – Keyboard Extravaganza
Ere Lievonen and Anne Veinberg (piano, harpsichord, organ, toypianos, melodica, celesta)


Tickets when ordering online:
Prices include a drink

1 concert: 17,50€ /15€ (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Studens)
2 concerts 27€ / 22.50€
4 concerts 45€ / 40€

Location: Werkgebouw Het Veem, van Diemenstraat 410 1013 CR Amsterdam

This festival is made possible by:

Nikolai Martynov

Keiko Shichijo. Photo by Philip van Ootegem

Menno van Delft. Photo by Guillermo Brachetta

Celia García-García. Photo by Bob Bruyn

Ere Lievonen. Photo by Michel Marang

Anne Veinberg. Photo by Rob van Loon



19 & 20 Oktober

In Werkgebouw Het Veem

“Toets” in Dutch has a double meaning. The first refers to a key, such as one found on a musical or any other keyboard, and the second refers to a test. Our “Toetsenparade” focuses on the keyboard and is a celebration of keyboard instruments that have passed the “test of time”.

The program for the 2019 edition of Toetsenparade is a series of four concerts that will take place on the 19th and 20th of October. This will include a special children’s concert and three thematic concerts that each focus on a specific period and land in the history of keyboard music. In this way, the public will be taken on a musical journey through other time periods and cultures. The children’s concert serves to introduce keyboard music to our newest audiences and motivate budding young pianists just starting their first lessons.

Unique to these concerts is the use of appropriate keyboard instrument of the time featuring the instruments of Jan van der Sangen and Ton Amir. With each concert, a brief description of the instruments and music performed will be shared with the public and at the conclusion of the concert, there is almost always an opportunity to meet and greet the artist over a glass of wine.


Saturday 19 October 15h: Children’s concert by Beth & Flo. More info

Saturday 19 October  20.15: Jacques Ogg in concert. Music of the 17th & 18th century from France, England, Germany and Austria.

Sunday 20 Oktober 16th: Finnish music by Ere Lievonen

Sunday 20 Oktober 20.15: Spanish Landscapes and Impressions by Marta Liebana en Maria Cano Blanco. More info


Early bird 15% discount till 1 October!

Discount code: VROEGTOETS

For the children’s concert on October 19, 15.00, 1 adult companion may attend the concert free of charge.

FESTIVAL: Music performed first hand 2019

6 en 7 APRIL

Composers perform their own music

David Dramm & Anne La Berge: © Peter van der Heyden

Last year we launched our festival “Composers play their own music”. After its great success and enthusiasm from the musicians and audience members alike, we decided to make it an annual event.

Hereby, we are excited to announce the festival details for April 2019!
The festival will take place on the 6th and 7th of April with shows at 15h and 20.15h.
All performances will feature composers performing their own works both alone and with collaborating musicians.


April 6 15h:

Roadrunner: Michel Marang (clarinet), Antonis Pratsinakis (cello) en Erica Roozendaal (accordeon)

Pitch Dark: Arnold Marinissen (percussion), Katharina Gross (cello) and Giny Vos (light design)

                                    —Festival dinner at Cafe MADS—-

April 6 20.15h:

Mark Alban Lotz ( variety of flutes including PVC-tubes) en Alan Purves (percussion and more)

Anne La Berge (flute) en David Dramm (guitar)

April 7, 15h:

Trio Bruinsma. Baas. Verhage: Jeffrey Bruinsma (violin), Reinier Baas (guitar) & Geneviève Verhage (cello)

Meet & Jam:  Musicians from the festival meet and jam – creating new compositions live for the audience to witness!

                                    —Festival dinner at Cafe MADS—-

April 7, 20.15h:

Duo Haanstra en Van Geel: Mark Haanstra (bass guitar) en Oene van Geel (viola)

String quartet Zapp4: Jasper le Clercq (violin), Jeffrey Bruinsma (violin), Oene van Geel (viola), Jörg Brinkman (cello)


Order tickets online:
€ 15,00/€ 12,50 with discount (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Studentenpas)
Passepartout 6 April two concerts or 7 April two concerts € 25,–/€ 20,– with discount
Passepartout four concerts € 35,–/€ 30 with discount
At the door +2€

This festival is possible through the generous support of:



Roadrunner: © Michel Marang

Pitch Dark: © Marco Borggreve/Nancy Horowitz

Mark Alban Lotz & Alan Purves: © Sara Anke

Trio Bruinsma.Baas.Verhage: © Abigael van Tijn

Duo Haanstra en Van Geel: © Veenstra Visueel & Udo Prinsen

Zapp4: © Merlijn Doomernik


6 en 7 october 2018

In Warehouse Het Veem

Do not miss it!!

Toets des Tijds Concerten (Keys of Times) presents a Festival of instruments from large and small clavichords, harpsichords all the way to heavy fortepianos and modern grand pianos!

The program consists of compositions from Bach’s time and works written by contemporary composers.

During the Festival Rosanne Philippens, Petra Somlai, Gerard van Vuuren and Kaoru Iwamura will tell about differences between the past and now days, loss of some instrument types and why the modern grand piano took over in the keyboard family of instruments since 1850.


Tickets: € 15,00/€ 12,50 with discount (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Studentenpas)
Passepartout €35,-/30,-€ with discount (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Studentenpas)
if purchaising online
At the kassa on the day of the concert + 2€

Saturday 6 Oct 15:00

Kaoru Iwamura  – table piano* and fortepiano

Programme: McGowan, Egberts, Van Tiddens, Germán, Moreno Camacho, Giron (world premiere), C. Ph. E Bach, ClementiКартинки по запросу Kaoru Iwamura

Kaoru Iwamura is a performer on early keyboard instruments. She won the Muzio Clementi Award, presented to her in the British Finchcocks Musical Museum for her subtle performances on keyboard instruments from 1668 to 1866. Kaoru was born in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied piano at the Musashino Academy of Music. Her passion for the fortepiano took her to the Netherlands where she further pursued her interest in historical performance practice at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague and the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. Kaoru has given recitals in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Germany and Japan, and was featured in a live broadcast in the Dutch AVRO radio4 network. In 2013 she was invited to give a solo recital and masterclass in the ‘Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival’ in Kuopo, Finland, with a scholarship from the Asahi Shimbun Foundation. As a member of the board of the Sweelinck Collection she is committed to the promotion and preservation of a unique collection of fortepianos in Amsterdam. More info:www.kaoruplaysfortepiano.com

* the Puhlman table piano belogs to the Sweelinck Collection in Geelvinck Muziek Musea


Sunday 7 Oct 15:00

Gerard van Vuuren – clavichord and harpsichord

Programme: Bartók, Stravinsky, Haydn, Satie, C. Ph. E Bach, J. S. Bach, King, d’Anglebert

Gerard van Vuurenwas born in Surinam, he moved with his family to Holland when he was 7 years old. He started playing the piano at age nine, and studied this instrument at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. Realising he was getting more and more interested in Baroque music, he decided to switch instruments, and went to study harpsichord with Jacques Ogg at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague – where he graduated in 1992.Together with fellow-students he founded ‘The Beggar’s Banquet’, giving concerts in Holland, England, Germany and Poland.

Gerard has been playing continuo with several other ensembles and choirs. He has also been featured as accompanist at Baroque music festivals, including the International Early Music Course at Mateus (Portugal), where he also took part in concerts in Northern Portugal. Since a few years Gerard also plays the clavichord, and is excited by its possibilities – broadening his technical abilities and musical horizon. Together with Amanda Markwick he is part of the ensemble Il Sussurro.


Sunday 7 Oct 20:15

Rosanne Philippens  – violin

Petra Somlai – fortepiano

Programma: Beethoven

Картинки по запросу Rosanne PhilippensRosanne Philippens open and communicative style of performance won her first prizes at competitions including the Dutch National Violin Competition (Amsterdam Concertgebouw 2009) and the Freiburg International Violin Competition (2014).

Rosanne has appeared as a soloist under Yannick Nézét-Sequin, Lawrence Foster, Antony Hermus, Michel Tabachnik, with orchestras including the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonisches Orchester Stuttgart, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, and she performs regularly at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Berliner Philharmoniker and other prestigious venues.

In the 2017-18 season Rosanne will appear with the Dutch Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in the famous Saturday Matinee Series in the Concertgebouw, with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Sinfonie Orchester Sankt Gallen, the Joensuu Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestre International de Genève and at festivals in Iceland, France, Israel, Germany and The Netherlands.

For 2018-19 concerts are scheduled with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Residentie Orchestra The Hague.

Rosanne captures a great love for chamber music. She appears regularly with musicians suchas Nicolas Altstaedt, Vilde Frang, Julien Quentin, Torleif Thedéen, István Várdai, Víkingur Ólafsson, Guy Braunstein, Amihai Grosz and other fine musicians all over Europe and in major halls like the Concertgebouw, the Berliner Philharmoniker,Tonhalle Zürich, Laeiszhalle Hamburg.

In an old Amsterdam warehouse/antique shop, Rosanne is hosting her own concert series called ‘The Amsterdam Salon’. The evening opens with a concert, played by Rosanne and her friends from all over the world, following a clear theme, while the audience listens on comfortable couches, sipping good wine. After the concert there is an artist-jam session until the early hours.

Rosanne started to play violin at the age of three with Anneke Schilt and later on with the famous violin pedagogue Coosje Wijzenbeek. She continued her studies with Vera Beths at the Royal Conservatory in The Haag, and with Ulf Wallin at the Hanns Eisler Akademie in Berlin, graduating from both with the highest possible grades.

On personal recommendation of Janine Jansen, Rosanne plays the ‘Barrere’ Stradivarius from the Elise Mathilde Foundation, the violin that Janine Jansen used to play for fifteen years.


Petra SomlaiКартинки по запросу Petra Somlai was born in Hungary where she graduated in conducting and piano performance at the Béla Bartók Conservatory (Budapest) and completed her modern piano degree at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest) in 2007.

She performs at major international early music festivals such as Musica Antiqua Festival – Brugge, Early Music Festival – Utrecht and many other. Petra has given concerts all over Europe, the USA, and Japan. Since 2012 she has performed often as a conducting soloist with various orchestras. Petra Somlai was a professor of Early Keyboards on the faculty of University of North Texas (USA) from 2013-2015.

Currently she is professor of fortepiano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

 This Festival is sponsored by Gravin van Bylandt stichting en Het Veem

Poster design by Jaela van Tijn.


First-hand music!

The Festival Composers Playing Own Music is organised by Toets des Tijds Concerten and presenting music written and performed  by composers from the Netherlands – including many world-famous Amsterdammers. This programme gives a unique overview on how composers create, feel and perform their own music.


Saturday 21 april 15.00

Diderik Wagenaar

Quang Ngo Hong

Felipe Noriega

Saturday 21 april 20.15

Картинки по запросу Trio Bruinsma

Trio Bruinsma. Baas. Verhage


Sunday 22 april 15.00

Картинки по запросу Guus Janssen en Wim Janssen

Картинки по запросу Guus Janssen en Wim JanssenGuus Janssen en Wim Janssen

Картинки по запросу Maud Sauer en Monique CopperMaud Sauer en Monique Copper

Картинки по запросу Igor Iofe and Cinzia NisticoIgor Iofe en Cinzia NisticoКартинки по запросу Igor Iofe and Cinzia Nistico


Sunday 22 april 20.15

Картинки по запросу Arnold Marinissen- slagwerk en Katharina Gross-celloПохожее изображениеКартинки по запросу Theo Loevendie, Martin van Duynhoven en Arjen Gorter

Картинки по запросу Arjen Gorter

Arnold Marinissen and Katharina Gross

Theo Loevendie, Martin van Duynhoven and Arjen Gorter

Tickets ordered online:
€ 18,50/€ 13,50 with discount (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Student card)
Passepartout 21 April two concerts or 22 April two concerts € 30,–/€ 20,– with discount
Passepartout all four concerts € 50,–/€ 35,– with discount
At thee kassa on the day of the concert: € 19,50/€ 14,50

Sponsored by:

Novikoff-Makowski Sound Project

23 March 20:15


NovikoffMakowski sound project is a new collaboration between the young composer, performer improvisor Stanislav Makovsky and a multidisciplinary saxophone player Evgeny Novikov. Both graduates of Conservatoire de Paris, they naturally started to experiment and improvise with sounds at the live electronics studio at the Conservatoire, in early 2017. After having recorded a few sets of improvisation for saxophone and electronics, by using Ableton live, Max MSP, GRM and IRCAM tools, musicians have discovered a huge palette of sounds and possibilities for this setting: the saxophone overtones and flexibility of sound permitted to create original material for the live performances.

Novikoff-Makowski played their debut concert at the Gaudeamus Music Week in Utrecht (the Netherlands) in September 2017. AIt was well received by the audience and professionals. The project is based on the prerecorded elements, that were evolved and transformed during the performances in such a way that the piece was taking a very different directions in terms of acoustics, style, sound and rhythm. As a crossover project, it observes classical contemporary saxophone techniques, free improvisation, jazz-rock, techno and more.

Tickets: € 18,50/€ 13,50 with discount if ordered online (Stadspas/65+/CJP/Studentenpas)
At the entrance on the day of the concert: € 19,50/€ 14,50




27 January 20:15h


Henry Vega and Anat Spiegel will perform “Wormsongs” for voice and computer

Hans van Koolwijk and Hans van Eck will perform “Sounding Porcelain” for new sound objects and electronics

Hans van Eck will present a tape-composition “Bythos”

28 January 15:00h


Code & Klavier


Concert by Off<>zz, Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Anne Veinberg, featuring the CodeKlavier and special guest Robert van Heumen.


    • Off<>zzome New Year (2018), pno and live coding, 20’
    • John Cage, 4’33’’ (1952), pno 4’33’’
    • Henry Cowell, Aeolian Harp (1923), pno 3’
    • Stefan Wolpe, Dance in the form of a Chaconne (1939), pno 2’20’’
    • Einojuhani Rautavaara, Etude Op.42 “Fifths” (1969), pno 1’
  • Nick Collins, Type a Personality (2015) , pno and live electronics 3’



  • CodeKlavier- “hello world” (2017) 10’
  • CodeKlavier- Motippets    (2017) 12’
  • Off<>zz and Robert van Heumen (2018) 20’


Code & Klavier –  the Toets des Tijds!

A unique program with an array of music that’s played, coded and the combination of the two.


This concert is presented by  Off<>zz, Felipe Ignacio Noriega (live coding) and Anne Veinberg (piano), which is an ensemble which draws from classical music practices  to morph live coding and piano performance into a ‘beyond’ classical music experience.  Since March 2017, Off<>zz has been developing the CodeKlavier,  a project supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, which enables the pianist to live code through playing the piano. The concert will also feature one the Netherland’s finest live electronics performers, Robert van Heumen.


In this concert, Off<>zz will perform the opening set. Starting with a solo by live coding wizard Felipe Ignacio Noriega and continued with fresh and alternative approaches to piano and live coding music creation.  This will be followed by John Cage’s iconic 4’33’’ and a selection of shorter piano works  by Cowell, Wolpe, Rautavaara and Collins.


After the break, they will present their CodeKlavier project. Anne will first perform “hello world”,  winner of the Conlon competition 2017, where the pianist live codes a toy piano sampler. This will be followed by Motippets, a work that combines musical motifs and code snippets as a means of musical programming.  

Finally, Off<>zz will be joined by Robert van Heumen for an action-packed set of live coding, live sampling and live piano playing that  will be a feast of virtuosity on all keys.




students from the conservatory amsterdam








19 june 2016 reprise ‘Strings in Het Veem’


Reprise of the Project of Strings (27 April 2014), invented by sound artist Hans van Koolwijk, piano restorer Jan van der Sangen and composer Igor Iofe.

Performed by: Trioduo: Lara Diamand – Soprano, Klaasje Nieuwhof – (alt)flute, Georgina Collington – piano and 5 string players. With new compositions by Martijn Padding and Maud Sauer

Concert starts 15.00 pm. Entrance fee: € 17,50 / € 12,50 (reduction: 65+, “stadspas”, student, CJP, our ‘kortingsbon’ flyer ToetsDesTijds).