19 & 20 Oktober

In Werkgebouw Het Veem

“Toets” in Dutch has a double meaning. The first refers to a key, such as one found on a musical or any other keyboard, and the second refers to a test. Our “Toetsenparade” focuses on the keyboard and is a celebration of keyboard instruments that have passed the “test of time”.

The program for the 2019 edition of Toetsenparade is a series of four concerts that will take place on the 19th and 20th of October. This will include a special children’s concert and three thematic concerts that each focus on a specific period and land in the history of keyboard music. In this way, the public will be taken on a musical journey through other time periods and cultures. The children’s concert serves to introduce keyboard music to our newest audiences and motivate budding young pianists just starting their first lessons.

Unique to these concerts is the use of appropriate keyboard instrument of the time featuring the instruments of Jan van der Sangen and Ton Amir. With each concert, a brief description of the instruments and music performed will be shared with the public and at the conclusion of the concert, there is almost always an opportunity to meet and greet the artist over a glass of wine.


Saturday 19 October 15h: Children’s concert by Beth & Flo. More info

Saturday 19 October  20.15: Jacques Ogg in concert. Music of the 17th & 18th century from France, England, Germany and Austria.

Sunday 20 Oktober 16th: Finnish music by Ere Lievonen

Sunday 20 Oktober 20.15: Spanish Landscapes and Impressions by Marta Liebana en Maria Cano Blanco. More info


Early bird 15% discount till 1 October!

Discount code: VROEGTOETS

For the children’s concert on October 19, 15.00, 1 adult companion may attend the concert free of charge.