FESTIVAL: Music from the Source 2020 will take place in 2021

27 en 28 MARCH 2021
Composers Play Their Own Music

At this unique festival composers will perform their own music during the weekend of 27 and 28 March (afternoons and evenings) in the Warehouse Het Veem in Amsterdam. 

This year’s edition of “Music from the source” brings yet another exciting and varied program. From the chill tunes of the Micha Molthoff Trio and the pop-inspired Mirek Coutigny Trio, to the eclectic music of the Monotak composers collective and the cutting edge sounds of Ji Youn Kang with her analogue and digital electronics. Also composer and (contrabass) flute player Ned McGowan will present his groovy music together with the brilliant percussionist Pepe Garcia, the duo Perforator will play their new program. 

We are also proud to present two interactive events during this festival. A “Meet & Jam”, where there is a discussion with this year’s musicians about their creative process and the audience is invited to ask questions. This will culminate in an improvisation around or, audience willing, with the audience. In addition, this year we are hosting “Smaakt naar Muziek”: a unique music and food experience where the music reflects the food and the food represents the music. 

We hope to see you there!


Sat 27
15h – Mirek Coutigny Trio / Ji Youn Kang
17h – Smaakt naar Muziek* (snacks & music)
20.15h – Micha Molthoff Trio / Monotak composers’ collective
Sun 19
15h – Kate Moore / Meet en Jam*
20.15h – Duo Perforator / Ned McGowan & Pepe Garcia

Location: Werkgebouw Het Veem, van Diemenstraat 410 1013 CR Amsterdam




Kortingscode: VROEGEHAND

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Photos & credits (from top to bottom):

Monotak © Paul Glazier, Jonathan Bonny © Wilco Smith, Ji Youn Kang © Stephan C. Kaffa, Smaakt naar muziek © Marco Pauws, Micha Molthoff Trio © Peter van Breugel, Kate Moore © Marco Giugliarelli, Duo Perforator © Wout Nooitgedagt, Ned McGowan © Hari Adivarekar, Pepe Garcia © Frank Graphdude